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Turn your life into a Kung Fu Movie

“This is one of the best sound effect apps I have ever gotten. It is so easy, almost anyone can easily use it. Some sound effects you have to buy but a lot of sounds come free with the app. Overall: VERY GOOD APP!!!!”
Mr. Awesome Dude, Awesome App
“I was surprised at how precisely I could place the sound effects of even fast movements. Everything works very smoothly. I was slightly confused at first on how to just save the file without uploading it to social media but figured it out fairly quickly. Great app!”
Aladdin_T, Precise, Fun, and definitely worth it!
“Love the sound effects <3″
Hellionair, Great App!

Why did we make Kung Fu Movie?

We’re students of Kung Fu and fans of old classic movies. And on the side we make iOS apps. So we decided to bring all these together into one of the most influential app you’ll come across in your lifetime.
Where else are you going to find the culmination of the three highest human achievements:

  • kung fu
  • the iPhone
  • and cheesy old kung fu classics?

We’re out to change the world for the better. And we believe that Kung Fu is the best way to do that. To learn more about it, read our blog – The Legend of Kung Fu Movie iOS App.. Begins!

Who is this app for

We’ve never wanted Kung Fu Movie to be for just for martial artists or movie buffs. We have a lot of fun with our kung fu, it’s not just about defense and offense, it’s about enjoying the movement of our body. And we know that other people also enjoy moving their body or watching others move their body. And this app just makes it all more fun.
Any video with sharp movements of any kind can be used. Let your creativity flow.

AppStore Introducing Kung Fu Movie for iOS

When regular life isn’t dangerous enough.

Your life is interesting, but is it Kung Fu interesting?
Updated April 23, 2013 Version 1.0.3

AppStore Introducing Kung Fu Movie for iOS